Temporary note to Amazon, on November 27, 2023, for my Amazon business account needing activation for business named "kirpaji".

  1. This website, kirpaji.com, was formed for the non-profit business name "kirpaji".

  2. The domain name I registered in 2016, as you can see in a whois lookup: https://lookup.icann.org/en/lookup.
    I've yet to post relevant content -- well in production -- on this site.

  3. kirpaji@gmail.com, an email address, is also mine since long.

  4. As this is a one-person business not registered with any government, I don't know what else I could provide you. I've yet to start up the distrubtion end of things, but I need to buy electronics etc. from Amazon to do that!

  5. If this long-held domain, got for the purpose, etc. is not enough for you to activate the business account, then how are individuals starting an unregisered busines from their home to proceed to activate the Amazon business account?